RTcmix an open-source digital signal processing and sound synthesis language

This looks like it could be useful to a lot of people, from developers to tinkerers and Max users and lots of other people too.

Here’s what the site says:

RTcmix is a real-time software “language” for doing digital sound synthesis and signal-processing. It is written in C/C++, and is distributed open-source, free of charge. In certain respects, it is similar in function to other extant unit-generator-based software languages such as CSOUND, SuperCollider and (to a lesser extent) JSyn and Max/MSP — they do share a common heritage, after all. There are some differences, however, between all these languages… and variety is of course the spice of life!
So if you’ve been searching the web high and low for just the right library of DSP functions to include in your latest & greatest “killer” (or maybe “peacefully coexisting”?) app, then RTcmix may just be the Right Package for You.

AD 480 pro (universal) arrives

Here’s the details:

The AD 480 pro is the first professional reverb app for your iDevice. Use it to put your music into any acoustic space you can imagine. Do you always wanted to sing in a cathedral or play guitar on a theater stage? Or do you want to give your recordings the professional acoustic touch? You are musician, DJ, producer, technician or just interested in a good sound for your music?

The AD 480 pro is the solution!

The convenient user interface offers infinite options for sound manipulation. The AD 480 pro is designed for professional use in the studio, on stage or in the rehearsal room, as well as for all users and music lovers at home or on the road.

All features at a glance:

  • professional reverb sound effect with variable room size
  • 108 beautiful hand crafted presets
  • professional preset management for MIDI, audio and reverb settings
  • extensive filter layout for a wide spectrum of sound
  • supports internal and external (USB class compliant or MFi) audio interfaces
  • routing matrix, which supports up to 24 input and 24 output channels
  • full Audiobus integration (input, filter and output position)
  • supports full MIDI communication via network and USB-MIDI interfaces, as well as inter-app MIDI
  • supports sample rates of 44.1 kHz – 96 kHz
  • latencies from 64 samples
  • special low-light mode for live use on stage (“stage mode”, iPad only)
  • background audio for multitasking with other apps


The pro version of the app is priced at $19.99, but there’s a free version too.

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