100% Beaterator 100% Synth – Week 6 – Royalty Free Electronica


“This track was created with Beaterator for PSP and Playstation Vita. This time i experimented with making a track using no samples, only synths, comparable to using Korg Ds10 but with much more polyphony, patterns and effects. The only problem i found was running into the limit for the number of patterns in a song, you can see where it stops scrolling at the end of the video. Beaterator also has a realtime trigger mode like Korg Ds10 which would be a way round this but i haven’t really tried it yet.

Right, so here’s the idea. Trying to write, upload and give away a fresh piece of music on a roughly weekly basis. Will i be able to keep it up? Will i run out of ideas? Can i be bothered? How shoddy will they be? Does anybody care? God knows. But that’s the point.

Basically the idea is to flex my musical muscles a bit. I have collected quite a bit of gear over the years and not much of it is getting used as much as i’d like, so this is my attempt to justify all those purchases whilst practising improving and getting ideas down fast as an antidote to procrastination. “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” as Picasso once said.

Royalty free for you to use for whatever under the creative commons license. Just rip the audio out of the video for now, i’ll get these tracks uploaded to a dropbox account when i get my act together. Let me know if you use it, i’d be stoked.”

I liked the idea of Beaterator, but when it came to iOS it was completely wrong and not at all like the PSP version, which was a real shame.


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