Receiving a CD from the Modified Toy Orchestra

If you like circuit bent music then I can thoroughly recommend Plastic Planet by the Modified Toy Orchestra. I ordered this a while back as I loved their first album and I’ve seen them live, which is completely amazing I have to say. I’d forgottent that I’d ordered it, and then as you can see from the pictures above, it arrived together with a note saying sorry, and a variety of bits and pieces as extras.

The ablum itself is great and as for the packaging, well, it’s a work of art in my view.

Behringer iStudio 202 and MIDI controller FCB1010 with audio – iPad improvisation test

iKlip Stand – Tabletop iPad stand that puts your iPad right where you need it

Line 6 Sonic Port iOS Audio Interface Demo at GearFest ’13 – Sweetwater Sound

iOS Music Community roadmap

There’s some really good ideas in here for how this community will move forward, so if you haven’t taken a look for a while you should again. The roadmap is here.

Bleep Kit Rev 1 Demo

“This is a short demo of the Bleep Kit we put together for a workshop we held at the 2012 Blip Festival. This particular one was finished by me for a participant who had a sudden migraine attack due to many blips and bleeps. Also, my cat is not amused.

We’ll have a solder-free, beginner friendly version of fun experimenters this kit available along with an instructional tutorial very soon!”

MorphWiz now Audiobus compliant

MorphWiz on the bus.

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