Receiving a CD from the Modified Toy Orchestra

If you like circuit bent music then I can thoroughly recommend Plastic Planet by the Modified Toy Orchestra. I ordered this a while back as I loved their first album and I’ve seen them live, which is completely amazing I have to say. I’d forgottent that I’d ordered it, and then as you can see from the pictures above, it arrived together with a note saying sorry, and a variety of bits and pieces as extras.

The ablum itself is great and as for the packaging, well, it’s a work of art in my view.

Behringer iStudio 202 and MIDI controller FCB1010 with audio – iPad improvisation test

iKlip Stand – Tabletop iPad stand that puts your iPad right where you need it

Line 6 Sonic Port iOS Audio Interface Demo at GearFest ’13 – Sweetwater Sound

iOS Music Community roadmap

There’s some really good ideas in here for how this community will move forward, so if you haven’t taken a look for a while you should again. The roadmap is here.

Bleep Kit Rev 1 Demo

“This is a short demo of the Bleep Kit we put together for a workshop we held at the 2012 Blip Festival. This particular one was finished by me for a participant who had a sudden migraine attack due to many blips and bleeps. Also, my cat is not amused.

We’ll have a solder-free, beginner friendly version of fun experimenters this kit available along with an instructional tutorial very soon!”

MorphWiz now Audiobus compliant

MorphWiz on the bus.

SampleWiz now Audiobus compliant

SampleWiz works in the input and the output slots or both simultaneously.

MIDImorphosis by Secret Base Design. Pre Release Demo


“A demo of the new app by Secret Base Design. Use your guitar or voice to play your synths..In this demo I use MIDImorphosis to play Animoog and Sampletank then Alchemy and Samplewiz, using my guitar”

Another highly portable device you might want to look at on Kickstarter

This looks like a neat solution and it’s nicely put together and not too expensive either.
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