Audulus roadmap gets an update

Looks like there’s some great stuff on the way for Audulus users …

  • 64-bit Audio Unit for compatibility with Logic Pro X
  • New Audio Engine with the following benefits: (NOW IN BETA TESTING!)
    • Improved performance (lower CPU load so you can build bigger patches)
    • No extra overhead for Sub-Patches
    • Single-sample feedback (eventually)
    • Increased voice counts.
  • Filter Pack
    • Beefs up the filter node with several new filter types!
  • Improved Knob UI
    • Better integration of the context menu with the knobs so you don’t accidentally bring it up when you meant to turn the knob
  • Knobs (and other UI) on sub-patches. IN PROGRESS!
    • Makes your sub-patches appear more like built in nodes!
  • Granular sampler node.
    • Load your own samples and play them polyphonically.
  • Full feature parity with the Mac version. Almost there! (Sample Node, presets)
  • Better indication of the units for knobs.
  • Audio Copy/Paste support
  • Improvements to the on-screen keyboard
  • iCloud support 

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