QOTD: What app do you keep coming back to?

There are a number of apps that I keep coming back to, over and over. I guess just because they work for me, fit my own personal workflow, but I’m also interested to know which apps you keep coming back to and why?

Comment them in as I’d be interested in publishing some of those.

Alba Ecstasy on Nord Lead 3 + Little MIDI Machine (iPad)

World Maker Faire New York is in September

Having been to a ‘mini’ maker faire I can only imagine how big this one will be. I’d love to go along, but I doubt that’ll be possible really. Anyway, the dates and the details are all here.

KORG volca – 海 / BakaOscillator

Miselu people still working hard on the C.24

Even though their kickstarter is doing really well it’s good to see that they’re still hard at work. I have to say that I’m not surprised that even though they only launched on the 9th they’re already over 70% of their target.

Well done Miselu, keep up the hard work.

Koushion iPad Midi Sequencer Test

Werkbench for iPhone

I’d forgotten how good this app was and how easy it was to start getting things moving with it. Loads of fun in noisy environments, and in some ways it reminds me of RJDJ, which I miss.

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