It looks like he thinks it’s a weapon and not a musical instrument

From Artiphon’s Instagram.

Teenage Engineering interviews the creator of the OP-1 patch randomiser

I’ve had a bit of a play with this and it’s not bad at all really, so it was interesting to read the brief interview with Teenage Engineering.

Look what arrived at the weekend

How awesome is that?

A big thank you to Travis from Molecule Synth (which I personally think is awesome).

KORG Volca Beats , Bass , Keys , microKORG and Monotribe jam

I just think that the buttons would be a bit fiddly …

Don’t you?

Miselu’s C.24 Modular iPad Keyboard on Kickstarter, nearly hitting the target and in less than a week!

Anything new for the wait list?

It’s Monday, is there anything that needs adding into the wait list? Let me know if there is, or just take a look and see what’s coming up.

uLC (microcontroller Live Coding)

The reason for posting this came from a conversation on twitter where Jonatan (Kymatica, developer of BitWiz etc) mentioned that he might make a hardware version of BitWiz, and then Stephen posting this link as a result.

Looks like an Arduino of some sort behind this.

Personally I’d love a hardware BitWiz.

So, if you want to send me your routes …

Then email them in to: palm [dot] sounds [at] mac [dot] com

I’d love to hear from you and see what you’ve been using.

And more GlitchMachines

I still like messing around with this app, but then I do love glitches.

GlitchMachine - Madgarden

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