TC-Data making messages, minor milestone

Neon Waves by Virtual Flannel (made with OP-1)

Chris Virtual Flannel Bridge is back with a new OP-1 heavy album called Neon Waves. As Chris puts it: “It might be my most OP-1 centric album to date with only a little bit of Oto Machines Biscuit added.”

And it’s on Bandcamp with a limited edition tape version! How excellent!

Via Teenage Engineering.

Good to see the Music Hack Space at the Mini Maker Faire

Makey Makey at the Mini Maker Faire Elephant and Castle

Because banana pianos is where it’s at right?

improvisation2013-07-12(no sequence!) with Teenage Engineering OP-1 (video)

improvisation2013-07-12(no sequence!) with Teenage Engineering OP-1 from Yasuhiro Nakashima on Vimeo.

from Yasuhiro Nakashima.

TonalEnergy for iOS

Tonal Energy was in my Audiobus route of the day and I have to admit that up until then I hadn’t really spent enough time with this app and I realise now that I really should. Why? Because it’s a great app and gives you loads of data on your audio.

I know that for now I’m just scratching the surface of what it can do and how I can make use of it, so once I’ve spent a bit more time with it I’ll post a few more thoughts.

Palm OS App of the Day: BeatPad from miniMusic … meets meeblip

I do like old tech controlling new and especially hardware synths.

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