OT: If you’re interested in old modular systems then you should consider getting this

It’s a beautiful. Each track is made with a different vintage modular, and they’re great tracks too. I’m really enjoying listening to it and I thought I should share it.

Oh yes, I should mention that it’s called 20 Systems, and it’s by Benge.

Vio remains free!

Vio is still free for now.

I’m enjoying this … (and you might too)

Humble’s little voice bot is a load of fun, especially if you like to pretend that you’re Laurie Anderson!

It’s a bit more like some of the older vocoders, or at least that’s my take on it anyway, but I’m a fan of the humbletune apps. I think that they have an elegance about them that is quite unique.

Anyway, for $0.99 I’m not sure you can go wrong …

Advanced LSDJ Tutorial – Ghost Channel

Video description:

Here is another LSDj tutorial. This one is all about how to get an extra channel of sound out of your wav channel. This will allow your to achieve 4 note polyphony (Not including noise channel).

LSDJ Tutorial – ‘Pre Snare’ Instrument; Combining Wav Kicks and Basses

Video description:

This is a tutorial about how I go about creating the illusion that my wav kicks and wav bass instruments sound like they start on the same down beat. Also I show a useful noise instrument for adding more impact to your snares.

Don’t forget Miselu’s C.24 Modular iPad Keyboard on Kickstarter

Question for developers: What will Dropbox Platform mean for iCloud

Lot of us use Dropbox for stuff. With our apps, for files, etc, but Dropbox have announced this new ‘dropbox platform‘ and I’d like to know from any developers who are aware of it, what they think and if it’ll be useful for music apps.

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