MidiBridge 1.5.1 adds fixes and new features too

An update to MidiBridge, version 1.51 was pushed out to the App Store. This version fixes some bugs:

  • fixed the Stream Byter’s inability to remap event types if the original event was not on MIDI channel 1
  • fixed issue with Stream Byter where it was not possible to specify MIDI channel 10 (hex 9) in clauses
  • Midi Mobilizer 1 (original) streams were not being applied to module stack
  • Improved Holy Mapper UI to auto update if you tap another field without dismissing keyboard

And some new features to the Stream Byter:

  • you can now delay any event by a configurable amount of time using the +D (delay) flag, for example:

# delay all note off events by 400ms (for zendrum)
8X = XX +D400
9X XX 00 = XX +D400

you can specify non corresponding bytes in the output clause using X2 and X3 phrases:

# map controller 7 value to channel aftertouch
BX 07 = DX X3

finally for note and controller input clauses you can trigger another event if the note/controller is held down for an amount of time using the +H (hold) flag:

# send program change 1 if note 0 is held
# for more than 1 second
NX 00 = CX 00 +H1000

The inbuilt manual describes the new features and the Stream Byter guide will be updated over the coming week too.

As always, any questions/issues please feel free to email or post here.

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