And another thing … (actually another Audiobus idea)

The ‘random routes’ idea seemed to go down quite well, especially on twitter, and it made me think about another Audiobus route related idea. You’ll probably say that it’s quite obvious, but nevertheless I thought it was worth sharing.

So, how about route leaderboards? Like gamecenter for Audiobus routes? In fact, why not use gamecenter for Audiobus?

What do you think?

EarWizard by Wizdom Music

EarWizard is an iOS app from Wizdom Music and was created by Jordan Rudess and Felipe Peña. The app trains your ear while improving your memory skills. Repeat back a sequence of chords which gets longer with each round of play. As you improve your skills, the visuals disappear and you will have to depend on your EAR! Start off in EASY mode with only a few chords on screen and with practice, you will ultimately reach the hardest level where you will have seven chords on screen and be playing against the clock!

Whether you are a novice or a trained musician, EarWizard will surely keep you entertained and challenged.


  • Three levels – Easy, Normal and Hard
  • Start with three chords in a key and go up to seven!
  • Features fun Jordan videos playing each chord
  • Five different diatonic modes-presented in three keys
  • Endless Mode for continuos play in any level
  • Speed control-Slow to Lightspeed
  • Chart that allows you to hear and see the note spelling of all chords in the selected key
  • Wizardly video rewards

EARWIZARD is available in 8 languages (Spanish, English, Greek, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and German).

Coming soon:

  • Game Center support
  • Additional sounds and more videos

Some more pictures of the Sonar Synth

What a thing of beauty it is.

JamUp Pro XT vs AmpKit Metal

‘Cool things’ on the Artiphon Instrument 1

Good to see more sites like this one picking up on the Artiphon story.

MidiBridge 1.5.1 adds fixes and new features too

An update to MidiBridge, version 1.51 was pushed out to the App Store. This version fixes some bugs:

  • fixed the Stream Byter’s inability to remap event types if the original event was not on MIDI channel 1
  • fixed issue with Stream Byter where it was not possible to specify MIDI channel 10 (hex 9) in clauses
  • Midi Mobilizer 1 (original) streams were not being applied to module stack
  • Improved Holy Mapper UI to auto update if you tap another field without dismissing keyboard

And some new features to the Stream Byter:

  • you can now delay any event by a configurable amount of time using the +D (delay) flag, for example:

# delay all note off events by 400ms (for zendrum)
8X = XX +D400
9X XX 00 = XX +D400

you can specify non corresponding bytes in the output clause using X2 and X3 phrases:

# map controller 7 value to channel aftertouch
BX 07 = DX X3

finally for note and controller input clauses you can trigger another event if the note/controller is held down for an amount of time using the +H (hold) flag:

# send program change 1 if note 0 is held
# for more than 1 second
NX 00 = CX 00 +H1000

The inbuilt manual describes the new features and the Stream Byter guide will be updated over the coming week too.

As always, any questions/issues please feel free to email or post here.

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell interview Brian Eno about Generative Music in 1996

You might be wondering why I’d posting this? Yes, it’s interesting, but what’s its relationship to mobile? Well, Mr Eno’s work on Koan was with the amazing guys who are now behind Intermorphic.

Of course, the other (non-mobile) reason for posting is that Robert Sandall and Mark Russell were the team that formed BBC Radio 3’s Mixing it show (now long gone), and they were completely awesome.

If you don’t know Intermorphic’s apps, take a look at them on the app store.

Intermorphic Ltd.

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