Audiobus idea: Random routes!

I was thinking about Audiobus (as one does) and thought that it might be fun to have Audiobus suggest random routes for you based on your installed apps, and maybe even ones based on apps you don’t have or don’t have installed. Of course, if you wanted to get really clever you could have it suggest routes based on the ones you use most.

Good idea or not really useful, what do you think?

He Runs Hundreds = skinny hands wrists arms (live jam) (including Mira Controller)

Mira Controller - Cycling '74

Conductr has a Facebook page

I mentioned Conductr the other day. Well they have a facebook page too, which is here.

Gameplay – 3DS – KORG M01D

So, why is there no Delia Derbyshire iOS app?

It struck me that whilst there is a really good app dedicated to Daphne Oram’s work, there’s nothing similar in any way for Delia Derbyshire. In fact, even if you search iTunes you’ll find very little.

I think it’s a real shame that there isn’t a Delia Derbyshire app. Something that celebrated her work, something like Berna / Berna 2 maybe?

What do you think?

Early OP-1 prototype

If you like drones and noise then …

You should try Noisemusick

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