Praxis Beats Drum Machine for iPad arrives

A new drum machine arrives for your iPad. Here’s the app’s description:

Praxis Beats is a retro-elegant interface for electronic rhythm composition. Express yourself with absolute precision and maximum control over your beats.

  • Drum Rolls: Instantly glitch or retrigger any beat.
  • Hifi Wifi: Fetch samples directly from your Dropbox®,®, Gmail®, or GDrive® accounts. Praxis Beats will stash them for you for future use, too. (You can also use iTunes File Sharing.)
  • Maximum Control: Individually control the volume, panning, and speed for every sound down to 1/128th notes.
  • Batteries Included: 2 touch-controlled effects pads, programmable to control any of 9 different effects.
  • Live Record: Record your sessions as wav files. Upload them directly to Dropbox®, email, or SoundCloud®, or use iTunes File Sharing to retrieve them manually.
  • Save Songs: Save and load different songs. Praxis Beats autosaves for you as well. And, you can back up your compositions using iTunes File Sharing.
  • Absolute Precision: sample precise rendering from 10 to 999 BPM.
  • Multitouch Manipulation: Speed up your creation process by allowing multiple fingers, hands or people to control the sequencer grid, effects pads, or note graphs.
  • Meta Controls: Controls provided to clear out the sequencing for any row or for the whole song.
  • Feeling Lucky: Randomize the sequencing for any row or for the whole song.
  • The Basics: Individual controls for each sample track, including mute, solo, volume, and panning.
  • Start Jamming: 7 free drum kits are included for a total of 112 drum samples. Made by EioN and James Frame, LA’s hottest new producers.
  • Audiobus Support: Stream audio from Praxis Beats to other apps.

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