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What would you like to see next in Audiobus?

Audiobus has been a great step forward for iOS music, but it’s been a while since there have been any new features. So I thought I’d ask what you’re waiting for in Audiobus? What do you want next?

For me it would be mainly around recipes or routes and better routing for effects apps, and of course, MIDI.

How about you?

Something new from Lucky Frame: Gentlemen! Official Teaser Video

I loved Wave Trip, and Mujik is still one of those apps for me that exemplify mobile music’s best qualities, so it’s a pleasure to see something new coming from Lucky Frame.

Looks like

New ‘crippled’ version of Orphion is in review

If you want to get the non-cripped version of Orphion then do it now! Of course if you’ve got the original version then don’t update when the new version of the app arrives.

Which is imminent!

iOS Music and You have a tutorial on Creating Odd Time Signatures In WerkBench

Useful stuff from iOS Music and You.

Mini Maker Faire Elephant and Castle this weekend

You might have missed this so I’m posting it a few times. There’s a Mini Maker Faire, at Elephant and Castle this weekend. I’m planning on being there on both days if possible, so if you can make it just let me know.

Details here.

Sunvox best music of 2013

Via the Sunvox blog.

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