Mutable Instruments Ambika (or Roland Juno 60/106)

ANI – iPad Live Looping (2013.06.27) – Dark groove

Techno Min Mix – (Traktor + TouchOSC)

Anything new for the wait list?

It’s Monday, is there anything that needs adding into the wait list? Let me know if there is, or just take a look and see what’s coming up.

And today’s route on the (Audio)bus is …

Are you using Dropbox with your apps?

If you’re not using dropbox then it’s something you should to check out as loads of apps are now using it as a default for online storage and for a variety of other purposes too, and it works quite well in my view. If you’re not using it you can get your own dropbox by clicking this link, and what’s more you’ll get an extra 500mb just for using this link (and so will I)!

Rebirth for iPhone (video)

Remembering …

Let’s get the morning moving with a Rocket …

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