Nord Drum 2 vs Nord Beat 2 step sequencer

Nord Beat 2 update

Nord Beat version 2 includes the following features:

  • Step sequencer expanded to support 6 tracks
  • Added Flam, 32th and 32 triplet modifiers for individual steps
  • New MIDI settings menu with flexible MIDI output routings
  • Send and receive MIDI Clock Sync
  • Added the option to save a Program Change together with a program

Why would you want to make your meeblip into a millenium falcon?

Because you would of course …

Via Etsy.

Cubasis 1.5 arrived with Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer and more

Micrologue looks awesome! Here’s what’s in the update:

  • Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer incl. 50 factory presets
  • 16 Allen Morgan Signature drum kits incl. 80 MIDI loops
  • Open/close hi-hat problem solved
  • Instrument track freeze for internal instruments
  • Instrument rack to load and edit Cubasis’ instruments
  • Modulation wheel support for Micrologue synth

Watching the Rob Papen 4 Element Synth DVDs

Actually watching these has been a lot easier than I expected. Often these kind of DVDs can be very dry indeed and not much fun to watch, but even though the Rob Papen book / DVD set is very technical and does go down into a low level of detail it’s not boring in my opinion.

In fact I’ve found myself realising that there’s been quite a few things I’ve learnt from this package and even more things that have been worth going over again.

It’s a detailed package but I’ve been surprised by how much fun it is to use.

Mini Maker Faire is coming this weekend at the Elephant and Castle

You might have missed this so I’m posting it a few times. There’s a Mini Maker Faire, at Elephant and Castle this weekend. I’m planning on being there on both days if possible, so if you can make it just let me know.

Details here.

SunVox Tips # 15 – Input Module and Sampler Recording

KORG volca – technologic

Analog session monotribe 2x

Curious (with Analog Four, Waldorf Rocket, NI Maschine)

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