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Noatikl for iOS still coming …

Let’s hope it isn’t too long to wait now.

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More progress on Anaphobia Destro …

Good to hear.

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Cycling74 CEO David Zicarelli talks about Mira

I posted about Mira a lot yesterday, but I do think it’s a really exciting move from Cycling 74 and I hope it prompts a lot more innovation in joining up the desktop with touch and mobile device. Anyway, you can read the whole piece here.

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Psycho Friday 20 – Thor & Lemur + GlitchBreaks & Quneo

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bip | synthmate | NLog PRO

bip | synthmate | NLog PRO from soh_la on Vimeo.

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Tutorial: Thor Polysonic Synthesizer for iPad

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Thor Polysonic Synth..iPad Demo of Factory Presets

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Boulanger Labs: csSpectral – Sneak Peek #3

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iTRIGGER for iPad arrives

You didn’t have to wait too long for this new Ableton controller to arrive. Here are the details:

Use your iPad to mix wirelessly in Ableton Live! Control Ableton Live and other music programs with MIDI over WiFi or USB. Launch Clips and Scenes, set levels and panning, make light shows!


  • Clips – control clips in Ableton Live’s Session View
  • Misc – control a variety of Live’s track settings
  • d.rack and x-y – custom device control and configuration

Works with:

  • MIDI over Wireless Network (WiFi)
  • USB MIDI adapter and iPad camera kit
  • Most iPad MIDI interfaces/adapters
  • AirPlay for Video Streaming

iTRIGGER is priced at $2.99.

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Introducing KORG volca keys