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A Chimera bC16 on eBay

Sadly this one won’t ship to the UK so not much use to me, but I thought I’d post it in case there was anyone who was looking for one.

Chimera bC16 on eBay

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Dirty Electronics White Label Synths now available (only 25 though) !

You can find all the details here, but remember there are only 25 of these available!

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Korg Arranger Keyboard Survey

If you use arranger keyboards or indeed have views on the same then Korg wants to hear those views. You can let them know in their survey here.

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Dubstepper is now free

Dubstepper was $1.99 but now it’s free.

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Anaphobia Destro iPad UI

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Zoom H6 Product Video 2

As I’ve been thinking a lot about field recording this seemed worth posting up. Looks nice and it’s coming in July although there’s no pricing as yet.

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Meteor Mutitrack Recorder: The Video plugin

0 comments on “Don’t forget, Nave goes up in price tomorrow!”

Don’t forget, Nave goes up in price tomorrow!

If you want the launch price you need to get on and get it soon as it goes up tomorrow, or from tomorrow or something like that anyway!

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Rheyne – Ambient Jam #4

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So what will get broken with iOS7?

Invariably something gets broken when a new iOS version comes out. As this looks like a big one, what will break?

Any developers care to comment?