BeatMaker 2.4.8 is here

Here’s what’s new

  • Add drag’n’drop support on Sampler mapping editor (on keys, zones and zone list)
  • Quick Load browser now saves last visited directory
  • Update Dropbox SDK to version 1.3.4
  • Fix audio artifacts that could occur while reaching maximum polyphony
  • Fix handling of auto-repeat when latency was changed
  • Fix a bug that would mute pads assigned to a ghost bus
  • Improve overall stability


Using Meeblip and Waldorf together from Genome


The Sonar Synth

G.A.S. …


Dirty Electronics Ensemble Sonar Synth Workshop

It looks like this was a huge amount of fun, and as I went to one of their workshops a few years ago I can tell you that it almost certainly was.

Wish I’d been there.


Entering notes and automating filter for the Waldorf Rocket


So, what’s happening with meeblip micro? Here’s what’s happening with meeblip micro …

It isn’t bad news, it’s still on the way which is great, but it isn’t here as yet either. You can find out why at meeblip.com.


Vinclaro comments a bit more about the new version of MIDI BreakOut Box

Worth a read on the Vinclaro blog.