MIDI file player for iPhone arrives

A new MIDI app for your iPhone that might be quite handy.

Market introduction price for two weeks 2 $ !

Tested on iPod touch, iPhone4, iPhone5.
Please give me feedback or let me know, if your MIDI device is not recognized, thanks.

Features of “MIDI file player/recorder”:

  • Plays MIDI files.
  • Records MIDI files.
  • Plays and records at the same time e.g. for muting channels in a MIDI file (music minus one).
  • Can be used as virtual instrument for your MIDI master keyboard, MIDI accordion etc.
  • Plays and records additional instruments at the same time (needs MIDI interface like “iRig MIDI” and a MIDI instrument).
  • Channels can be muted to filter out some instruments.
  • You can change instruments, volume, reverb, chorus and panorama for each channel.
  • Transpose of whole MIDI file (-5 to +6 half tones).
  • Local sound ON/OFF.
  • MIDI Thru ON/OFF.
  • Show system exclusive messages (SYSEX) ON/OFF.
  • Filter SYSEX messages ON/OFF.
  • Notify text field for important informations.
  • Easy file selection and possibility to rename MIDI files.
  • MIDI files are in the shared iTunes folder.
  • Automatic file import (e.g. from internet), when you chose “open in MIDI player”.
  • Customer “SoundFont” can be placed in the shared iTunes folder. The name must be “GM_instruments.sf2” and it must support the general MIDI sound set including drums. Large “SoundFont” files may not work. Use very small “SoundFonts”, when you do not have an iPhone5.
  • Integrated Help.
  • This App is not made for live performance.
  • Get best results with MIDI adapter and a “General MIDI” sound module or Keyboard. Set “Local sound” to OFF.

Important note if the “MIDI In” does not work:
After changes in the iOS 6 update, it appears that when you launch a new App that uses MIDI, the MIDI device will fall offline, and the only way to reset the connection is to unplug the MIDI device and reconnect while the new App is open.

Known problems:
Sporadic crash (mostly located in “AudioToolbox”, cause not found until now).
MIDI files using nearly all 16 channels and a lot of resources may not sound correctly. Try to mute some channels/instruments (should not happen on iPhone5).
The sound quality is lower for non iPhone5 devices due to the smaller SoundFont size.

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