Inter-App Audio isn’t just on the slide, Apple promising Audio and MIDI

So it isn’t just some words on a slide then. Here’s what the iOS7 developer site says:

“Now your apps can make beautiful music together. With Inter-App Audio, apps can register their audio streams to share with other apps. For example, a series of apps could publish audio streams of instrument tracks while another uses the combination of these streams to compose a song. Inter-App Audio also provides for MIDI control of audio rendering, remotely launching other registered Inter-App Audio apps and more.”

What will this mean for Audiobus and JACK? It all sounds surprising similar to what both of them have to offer now.

It should come as no big surprise though as Apple has done this sort of thing in other areas before. My guess is that the fine detail will all be under NDA until iOS7 launches later this year. Even so, I wonder what the future holds for Audiobus and JACK?

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