Yonac’s new app Galileo for iPad arrives

INTRO PRICE for a LIMITED TIME! Galileo is the professional tonewheel & transistor modeling organ for your iPad and iPad Mini.

Galileo’s 11 unique organ types recreate anything from a leaky old 300-pounder to the transistor-most of the red boxes. The organ comes complete with three manuals, Scanner vibrato/chorus emulation, percussion module & settable organ parameters such as leakage, keyclick, attack & release and more. The signal is rounded out by a virtual-tube, Class-A inspired preamp, as well as a powerful rotary cabinet simulator with 3 cabinet types and multiple parameters.

Performance and studio-friendly, Galileo also features comprehensive MIDI implementation with over 130 CC destinations, Audiobus input & effects, a built-in arpeggiator, tapedeck and more. With over 240 factory presets, Galileo delivers classic organ sounds essential to every studio.

The Organ

  • Virtual-Analog tonewheel & transistor organ w/ real time signal generation
  • 32-bit floating point pro-grade DSP
  • Ultra low-latency audio generation
  • Virtual-Tube Preamp & Rotary Cabinet emulator
  • 3 individually configurable manuals
  • 11 organ types for each manual, including tonewheels in various leakage & tonal characteristics, & unique transistor models
  • Scanner Vibrato / Chorus emulation
  • Realistic percussion section w/ 2 attack algorithms
  • Adjustable drawbar & tonewheel leakage
  • Per-manual adjustable attack & release
  • Key click amount
  • Dedicated pre-FX & post-FX volume controls
  • Togglable Bass Foldback
  • Adjustable Brilliance for rolling off high end
  • Adjustable Upper/Lower manual balance & Pedal manual volume
  • Manual Coupling
  • MIDI selectable Drawbar Sets
  • 48 voice total polyphony

Rotary Cabinet Simulation

  • Faithful emulation of the lush rotary cabinet sound
  • State-of-the-art cabinet simulation w/ period-correct frequency response & resonance
  • 3 cabinet types, including baffled & open speakers
  • Rotary brake & speed toggles
  • Adjustable slow & fast speeds
  • Adjustable rotor acceleration for realistic speed-up & slow-down effect
  • Adjustable drum-to-horn speaker balance
  • Adjustable stereo mic seperation
  • Rotary effect mix

Virtual-Tube Preamp

  • Asymmetric-clipping “Class A” inspired tube modelling DSP
  • Adjustable gain & blend providing mild tube saturation to harmonic-rich overdrive
  • Classic tone stack w/ Bass, Mids and Treble
  • Selectable low/high mids focus for “American” or “British” tube tones
  • Realistic input volume sensitivity


  • 4 unique wah types
  • Adjustable sweep range & center
  • Adjustable emphasis
  • Togglable autowah w/ 5 sweep curves
  • Continuous, key-reset & one-shot sweep modes
  • Sweep rate & phase
  • BPM syncing w/ 16 note values
  • Velocity tracking for auto sweep depth

Other FX

  • Ring Modulator/Tremolo w/ rate, mix & slow/fast op modes
  • Delay w/ time, feedback & mix
  • Reverb w/ size, spread, mix & pre-delay
  • Configurable signal path

MIDI & Connectivity

  • CoreMIDI & Virtual MIDI
  • Audiobus Input & Effect slots
  • Dedicated MIDI IO ports for each manual
  • MIDI Learn w/ over 130 control destinations
  • Use MIDI CCs to control Organ, Drawbars, Effects, Arp
  • Universal MIDI access to pedal manual for left-hand bass playing
  • Sustain & Expression pedal support
  • External clock syncing
  • WIST


  • Dedicated arp for each manual
  • 10 arp algorithms
  • Settable note value & gate
  • Trigger & Program/Perform modes


  • Over 240 factory genre-spanning presets
  • A bank produced by Sunsine Audio
  • Preset & bank export/import via email or iTunes
  • Save endless banks and presets


  • Record & share app audio
  • Metronome
  • Export audio via email, WiFi, SoundCloud, Audio Copy
  • Import via WiFi or Audio Paste


  • iPad 2 or newer recommended for best performance
  • iPad Mini compatible
  • iOS 5.1 or newer

Galileo is priced at $5.99 as a limited intro price.

Galileo Organ - Yonac Inc.

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