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PixiVisor is free

NightRadio’s PixiVisor app is now free. Worth grabbing for some experimentation!

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An update on those Sunvox VSTi’s into XI instruments


How cool is that?

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CDM on Apple’s announcements

As always here’s a balanced view from CDM on what Apple announced today.

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Cool way to turn VSTi’s into Sunvox XI instruments

My guess is that this won’t work on iOS but I don’t know about Android, but my expectation is that it’s more for desktop Sunvox. Cool nonetheless.

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New Intermorphic web site arrives


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Can’t believe that ‘inter-app audio’ was still on the slide!

I’m sure that was there from a year ago if not before! My bet is they just left it up there.

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iOS 7 Announced !

It has lots of good stuff and the OS looks amazing. I’m not sure that there was a huge amount for music, but here’s some things that’ll I think will be good for iOS Music:

  • Multiple pages in folders! Awesome!
  • Multitasking for all apps! (Not sure how this helps music apps though)
  • Automatic app updates will be a good thing

Anyone care to comment on iOS7 and what it’s going to do for music apps?

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Ok, OSX Mavericks is impressive …

It looks pretty amazing, lots more iOS and OSX integration. The iOS push notifications on OSX is an awesome feature, and iBooks coming to the Mac is a big tick of lots of people’s wishlists.

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OSX Mavericks!

No more cats for OSX!

I do hope that they’re going to give some proper names to iOS as well.

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Watching WWDC live

Hoping for something awesome in iOS world. I’ll post anything as I go.