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Audulus 2.1 arrives with JACK support and introduces the Poly Pack

Subatomic Software has announced the release of Audulus 2.1 for iPad and Mac. This update to the modular music processing app adds support for JACK on iPad, as well as five new nodes for both iPad and Mac versions.

JACK for iOS is a free app that allows JACK-compatible apps such as Audulus to be connected in any way, with the only restriction being CPU power.

“JACK is a mature, powerful inter-app audio system,” explains Audulus developer W. Taylor Holliday. “It’s great to see it ported to iOS.”

Audulus 2.1 introduces the Poly Pack, an In-App-Purchase upgrade consisting of four new nodes which facilitate stereo and quadraphonic processing of audio input. Audulus nodes can process multiple channels of audio.

“Previously, the only way to generate a polyphonic signal in Audulus was via the Keyboard node in Poly Mode,” explains Holliday. “Now, you can do polyphonic processing of audio input. You can even use the QuadToMono node to apply separate processing chains to each voice of a synth.”

“I’m not aware of another app on iOS that gives you this fine-grained control of multi-channel processing,” adds Holliday.

Version 2.1 also adds a phasor node (not to be confused with the phaser effect), which outputs a phase angle suitable for driving custom oscillators.

Audulus development is user-driven, and these new features were requested by users on the Audulus forum.

Audulus for iPad is available on the App Store for $9.99, 30% off for the remainder of June to celebrate JACK support.

Audulus for Mac is available on the Mac App Store for $29.99.

The Audulus Poly Pack In-App Purchase upgrade is priced at $4.99.

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Music iPad App: Figure

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iPad JAM: Yamaha TNR-i, Sunrizer and Novation MiniNova (MusicApps.com.br)

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SequenceApp on Prepared Piano

SequenceApp on Prepared Piano from Dimitri Diakopoulos on Vimeo.

A quick shot of SequenceApp ($2.00) being used on a prepared robotic Steinway ($120,000) via the work of Trimpin. Trimpin’s electromechanical preparations included several batteries of solenoid strikers, pluckers, bows, and electromagnetic coils designed to infinitely resonate particular strings — all controlled via MIDI. Shot during the 2013 Digital Arts Expo at the California Institute of the Arts.

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Intermorphic to submit Noatikl for iOS this month

Now this is great news, as a very long term fan of Intermorphic, in fact from before they were Intermorphic I was really pleased to hear that the long awaited Noatikl is on the way soon. They’ve confirmed that they plan to submit Noatikl during June although I don’t know quite when that will be.

So I think I might post a few bits and pieces about Noatikl (and maybe Mixtikl too) over the coming days in the run up to this unique app arriving for iOS.

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What do you wish for at WWDC?

It’s just around the corner, starting from the 10th, but what would you love to see announced at WWDC? iOS7? New hardware? What’s most important for you?

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Sonic Logic Developers blog on bluetooth capabilities for Sonic Logic

Interesting stuff and useful background from Sonic Logic.

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Looking for a book on OSC?

I found this. I don’t know what it’s like, but it’s the only one I’ve found so far.

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Mikrosonic’s handy faq on Android music making

Find it here. It’s very useful indeed.

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Something that everyone that plays live needs