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LH Rubbing, a new free iPad Synth

It has a strange name, but I can’t argue with free. Here’s the details of the new synth app:

LH Rubbing is a polyphony software synthesizer app for iPad running on iOS 6.0 or latter.

There are three wave oscillators, one noise oscillator, two LFOs and one three type embedded filter (low-pass, hi-pass and bandpass).

Each wave oscillator can generate three kinds of waveform which are triangle, square and saw wave.

LFO can be attached to different modul for different modulation or control such as OSC Pitch, PW, Filter Cutoff Frequency, Filter Resonance and OSC Output Mixing.

The frequency and amplitude of the 1st LFO can be modified by the 2nd LFO.

Pitch, Filter Cutoff Frequency and Resonance can be controlled by the ADSR envelope generator.

The Keyboard Rubbing brings up vibrato while control the vibrato rate and depth.

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Real-time vocal sample manipulation using SampleWiz

Via Synthtopia.

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QuNexus CoMA Tutorial: Controller Layer

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Another bC16 on eBay

Another bC16 comes along. This one’s not nearly as expensive as the last one. Not yet anyway.

Chimera Synthesis BC-16 rare modular synthesizer

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IKM Adds a new Studio Section and says that Amplitube is now a full DAW

I don’t anything about this as yet, but this is all IKM have said so far and I couldn’t find anything on their site. This is all:


  • Studio section* (available via in-app purchase) offers DAW features such as cut/copy paste, normalize, fade in/out, punch in/out recording and much more
  • AutoFreeze feature allows for full effects chain on every recorder track

* requires iPhone 4, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 or later

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Musyc Demo – Aerial Song

Musyc Demo – Aerial Song from Fingerlab on Vimeo.

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I really couldn’t have put it better myself

The start of Miki’s account of our long overdue meet up last Saturday. Made me smile to read it and I can’t wait for part two. So if you want to find out where we went and what we did, have a read at Miki’s blog.