Symphonix Evolution 2.0.1 arrives

What’s New in Version 2.0.1:

  • It’s now easier to add Repeat Bars. The app no longer requires the user to select the exact start and end of the measures where repeats will be applied and will automatically detect the start and end of the measure. Also added a Repeat option to the “Measure” button on the main toolbar so that the user can mark a selection and then press Repeat to quickly add Repeat Bars.
  • New selection menu options for “Expand” and “Compress”: Use the Expand option to increase the space between the notes in a selection. Use the Compress option to bring the notes closer together.
  • Added a new “Switch” setting to the MIDI Commands screen to assist with mapping pads with velocity to on/off commands. Use it by setting the controller value to “129” (the display will read “fader” for 128 and “switch” for 129). Once the “Switch” setting is active, non-zero inputs will be mapped to “127” and then only the first non-zero value will trigger the command so that the pad input is effectively converted to a momentary and then latched.
  • Added a new MIDI command “ARP+Hold Toggle”. This works exactly like “ARP Toggle” except that the ARP Hold is automatically enabled when ARP is switched on.
  • This update allows the user to unlink the app from Dropbox. Go to the File Load/Save screen and press the Dropbox button. A red Unlink button will appear in the top right corner of the file browser. Press this button to remove the link to Dropbox.
  • Minor user interface improvements to some screens

Bugs fixed:

  • The Controllers function now allows a System Exclusive from the Device Manager to be added to the score (this was a bug preventing the Select button from being visible)
  • Fixed a bug where the Device Manager and Controller screens did not handle long SysEx messages
  • Fixed bug when copying and pasting notes with ties, beams or slurs where the links were broken after pasting. This bug could also cause instability and crashes after using the copy/paste function.
  • Fixed a bug where slurs were not printed correctly.
  • Improved stability of the Lyric Pad

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