Palm Sounds is 7, and there’s more cake too …

Here’s to many more years of writing about mobile music. 



Platforms, an issue that won’t go away …

Given what’s been going on with Blackberry and Google’s lack of interest in the latency debate, it would seem that these thoughts are still relevant.


12 months ago, the journey

It’s strange but I was only thinking about this subject the other day in terms of how technical mobile music making has become, or rather how technical it can be. The thought and debate is really an extension of this from a year ago.


12 months ago, are we replicating the desktop?

In some ways I think that this piece still stands, but I’m very open to opinion on it and whether it’s a debate that we need to open up again.


This time last year … Now we are 6

Coming back to the world of mobile music. Interesting for me to look back and remember what was happening 12 months ago.


Cake from 2 years ago …

Yep, that was a good one too.


It’s Palm Sound’s Birthday! 7 Years today!

So it must be time for cake!

(yes it is time for cake!)


Back in 2010 … The Mobile Music Alphabet, W

I did enjoy doing these alphabet posts, of course back in 2010 there weren’t as many apps as now, but there were still a few. You can find out which ones right here.

Palm Sounds begins, back in 2006

That’s right, the 25th of May in 2006 was the first day that there was a post on Palm Sounds. It wasn’t much, but it was a start. You can read it (for what it’s worth) here.