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Korg iKaossilator "Prelude"

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Impaktor iPad demo

Via Discchord.

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Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is open for reservations …

You can reserve here. The reservation is $10 which doesn’t commit you to buying, but does mean you can get early access to the first hand built batch of instruments.

How tempted are you?

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Just a few pictures from Music Tech Fest last weekend

Whilst not a huge amount of mobile related stuff it was a great event and good to catch up with people too.

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Audio Mastering Studio 1.1 has arrived! Here’s what’s new:

  • Function Normalize at conversion of file.
  • Feature “Open in” that give possibility “Open audio file in Audio Mastering” from other applications (like AudioShare, Mail, etc).
  • Export audio file directly to AudioShare application.
  • Playback from Mark In position when selecting file.
  • Files .m4a are supported now (you need to reload file).
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.

Audio Mastering - iMusicAlbum

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KoalaSan arrives

I posted a video on this a way back and today it’s arrived. Here’s the rather brief app description:

KoalaSAN allows people to broadcast to Icecast 2 servers in few steps. It can capture the device internal microphone and supports AudioBus (so you can use other applications as a sound source).
It supports Ogg Vorbis and Opus audio codecs.
KoalaSAN can also save your audio stream on the fly, which you will be able to transfer via iTunes or on your Dropbox account.

KoalaSan - Shift Left

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QuNeo Enhanced Note Mode

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iPad Mini Oscilloscope Test

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Smule | Guitar! – Intro to Guitar! by Smule

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Cicuit bending ‘how-to’ posts from little-scale

There’s a whole bunch of great posts from little-scale on circuit bending. You can find them here.