MIDI Designer 1.5.1 is here

MIDI Designer goes from strength to strength with a bunch of new features in 1.5.1:

MIDI Designer 1.5.0 just grew up, and its new name is 1.5.1. New advanced features:

  • NAMED TICKS allow you to specify and name each value on a slider, knob, crossfader or XY.
  • CONTROL COPIES: put the same control on various pages, in the size you need.
  • NEW BUTTON SHAPES: piano keys and hex buttons give you some options. More will be coming soon.
  • HIDDEN CONTROLS: as you use supercontrols and subcontrols in MIDI Designer, you’ll want to hide some in performance mode. When you get there, you’ll know.

And beyond that, it’s just a normal release with tons of new features and enhancements:

  • Use normal buttons to toggle the accelerometer or send all values from the current page.
  • Rotation of touch axis for knobs/sliders/crossfaders allows for more placement possibilites.
  • Channel changers have been reworked to acommodate button groups and values-per-channel.
  • “Relative” dynamic MIDI messages (control sends MAX for up, MIN for down, usually 65 and 63).

Changes to Design Mode

  • White LED color
  • Sysex learn. We now support learn for Control Change, Note On, NRPN [14- and 7-bit], Program Change and Bank Select
  • Mail a list of unused channel-cc combinations

Small Tweaks

  • Reworked the entire Design/Config UI: more consistent, flexible, and comprehensible
  • Long Throw has been reworked to allow hitting all control values

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