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PPG Wave 2.2 + PPG Wavemapper + FunkBox App + Little MIDI Sequencer App

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Auria CPU Saving Tips for iPad 2 with Audiobus

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MIDI Designer 1.5.1 is here

MIDI Designer goes from strength to strength with a bunch of new features in 1.5.1:

MIDI Designer 1.5.0 just grew up, and its new name is 1.5.1. New advanced features:

  • NAMED TICKS allow you to specify and name each value on a slider, knob, crossfader or XY.
  • CONTROL COPIES: put the same control on various pages, in the size you need.
  • NEW BUTTON SHAPES: piano keys and hex buttons give you some options. More will be coming soon.
  • HIDDEN CONTROLS: as you use supercontrols and subcontrols in MIDI Designer, you’ll want to hide some in performance mode. When you get there, you’ll know.

And beyond that, it’s just a normal release with tons of new features and enhancements:

  • Use normal buttons to toggle the accelerometer or send all values from the current page.
  • Rotation of touch axis for knobs/sliders/crossfaders allows for more placement possibilites.
  • Channel changers have been reworked to acommodate button groups and values-per-channel.
  • “Relative” dynamic MIDI messages (control sends MAX for up, MIN for down, usually 65 and 63).

Changes to Design Mode

  • White LED color
  • Sysex learn. We now support learn for Control Change, Note On, NRPN [14- and 7-bit], Program Change and Bank Select
  • Mail a list of unused channel-cc combinations

Small Tweaks

  • Reworked the entire Design/Config UI: more consistent, flexible, and comprehensible
  • Long Throw has been reworked to allow hitting all control values

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Guitar! by Smule arrives

Something new from Smule? I don’t think it’s for me particularly, but I’m sure it’ll get plenty of attention. Here’s the detail:

Guitar! by Smule brings you the unique experience of musical collaboration between guitarist and singer. Our carefully crafted list of guitar songs have been paired with real vocals from our Sing! Karaoke app, giving you the true feeling of playing with a live singer.

You create the invaluable foundation for your singer as you strum the chords of the song. Add personal flourishes on individual strings, a bit of vibrato, or emphasis on particular notes. And for advanced players or those who just want to jam out and sing to your own tune, check out our freestyle mode!

You always sound good, but practice makes perfect and it pays to play! The more you play, the more you earn. Start off in easy mode, and keep playing to earn new difficulty levels and more challenging songs. As you continue your journey, try out new guitar sounds by unlocking our Electric and Rock guitars.

This first version has a limited songbook because we wanted to make sure every song was fun, satisfying, and a bit challenging. We’re working on adding many more songs and singers, and we would love your feedback. Please suggest new songs from inside the app!

The current songbook includes:

  • When I Was Your Man – Bruno Mars
  • I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  • Bubbly – Colbie Caillat
  • Stand By Me – Ben E. King
  • I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  • Your Song – Elton John
  • The A Team – Ed Sheeran
  • Home – Phillip Phillips
  • Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen
  • Amazing Grace
  • …more songs coming soon! Suggest songs in the app!

Every song includes vocals provided by the talented singers from our Sing! Karaoke app. (Thank you!)


  • Strum – swipe your finger across the strings
  • Pick – tap a single string
  • Change the chord – select from the colored tabs on the left
  • Create vibrato – shake the phone
  • Emphasize a strum – swipe faster and you’ll play louder

The app is free

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Market Correction [Live Performance] by Discchord

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Synthpop on the OP-1 Part 5: Bars

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Sequencer 1.1.2 on Nexus 7

Another interesting app discovery from Musical Android.

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monotribe + amPlug AC30

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Molecule Synth Maker Faire Editor’s Choice!

A bit of a blurry picture, but good to know that the molecule is doing well and getting well deserved recognition.

If you’re interested in the molecule synth, visit the site here.

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AmpKit LiNK HD video review and demo

A video review and demo of the AmpKit LiNK HD iOS guitar interface from Peavey/Agile Partners. For full review see www.musicappblog.com.