Sonic Logic 1.1 arrives with virtual MIDI and much more besides

Now things get interesting with Sonic Logic 1.1 adding virtual MIDI. I’m going to enjoy trying out the new version very soon.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

Virtual MIDI:
Virtual MIDI allows you to send MIDI signals to other iOS apps that receive it.
Turn on virtual MIDI in the settings menu, all outgoing MIDI singals will also output through “Sonic Logic Virtual MIDI” connection.

Undo / Redo:
The undo and redo buttons allow you to undo and redo your last edit actions.
Most actions are undoable, but some are not (like deleteing screens).

Value Tracking:
Value tracking allows you to track what MIDI values are sent out for a specific component.
Turn this feature on in the settings menu.
You can select between permanent or temporary value trackers

Screen Duplication:
Duplicate the current screen by pressing the duplicate button.

Minimum / Maximum values:
Control the minimum and maximum MIDI values that XY pads and sliders output.
Edit this option individually for each component in the detailed edit screen.

Additional Changes:

  • Switches are now an indivitual components and not a part of the button component.
  • You can now set if you want the “add component” bar to be visible when you are not in edit mode, change this option in the settings menu.
  • Bug fixes.

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