0 comments on “Tunable – Instrument Tuner from AffinityBlue is currently free”

Tunable – Instrument Tuner from AffinityBlue is currently free

Go grab it, it’s free!

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Finder Drum Pads Circuit Bent Speak And Spell

I like the idea of this app, in fact I’m all for circuit bent stuff on iOS. Here’s what the app has to say for itself.

Transform your phone into a circuit bent Speak and Spell!

Play the kit’s pads and enjoy the glitchy sounds, or modify it to the max in real time with the multiple effects!


  • 8 Pads, and an assignable ribbon controller.
  • 3 Audio effects:
    • Pitch Bend, Low Pass Filter, Bit Crusher.
  • The effects can be assigned to Ribbon Controller and both axis of the device’s Accelerometer.
  • Midi IN: trigger the sounds externally
  • Midi OUT: control other synths with FDP’s pads!

The app is priced at $0.99.

0 comments on “Molecule Synth at HAXLR8R Demo Day 2013”

Molecule Synth at HAXLR8R Demo Day 2013

Always good to see Molecule Synth in the wild.

0 comments on “MIDI Support coming to Noisepad soon”

MIDI Support coming to Noisepad soon

Great to know, I think it’ll make it a really useful app with MIDI added.

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Substituting the Clock of a Circuit Bent Toy

From Circuit Bending Basics 2.

0 comments on “So you’d like some Madplayer examples?”

So you’d like some Madplayer examples?

An anonymous commenter asked if I could show any examples of what the madPlayer sounded like. Well, be careful what you wish for, I might just do that!

0 comments on “Recording audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus”

Recording audio into NanoStudio using Audiobus

0 comments on “Audio Mastering Studio: What to expect in future versions”

Audio Mastering Studio: What to expect in future versions

I always like to know what’s coming up (to a degree anyway), so it’s good to hear about what’s planned for Audio Mastering Studio, all good stuff too!

Read it here.

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Toa Mata Band – Episode2

“Toa Mata Band is back and for the first time they perform live!
In this video some various drum-synth and glockenspiel keys are played from each robot and I’m jam together them.The performance was recorded live in four takes in early May 2013, and after edited and mixed in studio.”

0 comments on “8bit Drums Pro (universal) arrives”

8bit Drums Pro (universal) arrives

8bit Drums Pro is out! Save your rhythms and share them with the world!

With this version, you can:

  • Set number of steps (1 – 32)
  • BPM sync
  • Save your rhythms.
  • Upload your sequences to a World Sequence List.

It’s priced at $0.99.