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Stria (video)

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QuNexus: Performance Demos

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SunVox 1.7.3c arrives

This update was already announced but it’s just arrived for iOS, so here’s what’s new:

  • additional LFO module waveforms: sin2 (correct sine), saw, saw2;
  • added ability to record into the selected Sampler slot;
  • fixed bug with JACK MIDI input;
  • fixed bug with the Sampler base note calculation;
  • base note for the Vorbis Player is C5;
  • new song (examples): april_song;
  • JACK library has been updated.

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MobMuPlat 1.3 in the wild

MobMuPlat adds MIDI out in the latest release and now the app is on github too.

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Back in 2007: Microbe circuit bending

Although it was difficult to see what the ‘circuit bending’ part of this was, it was good to see someone else talking about Microbe. You can see the video and links here.
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What are you making this weekend?

So, it’s the weekend, what are you planning to make? Music? Apps? Templates? DIY? If you’re doing anything cool and want to share it just let me know.