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My app of the week is … Little MIDI Machine

I’ve been using Little MIDI Machine quite a lot this week and really getting into it again after a bit of a break. It’s a great little sequencer with a lot going for it and a rock solid MIDI implementation as you’d expect from the name.

Of course, I’ve got ideas of how I’d like to see it develop, that’s always a given, but for now I making it my app of the week for just being an awesome MIDI sequencer that’ll power up my synths on my iPhone.

If you don’t know it then try it out, it’s free!

Little MIDI Machine - Synthetic Bits, LLC

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AppSound: iMini "Arp Attack"

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Boulanger Labs confirm app stuff is still in the pipe

Well that’s good news as far as I’m concerned.

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Wolfgang Palm in Music Tech

That’s going to be worth a read isn’t it?

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Sunvox music from Transient

Interesting Sunvox music from Transient who used to make some great Bhajis music.

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Echo Pad 1.4.3 coming soon

Echo Pad - Holderness Media Inc

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And whilst on the subject of lego musical instruments …

From a while back, but fun.

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Here’s what’s happening at Laser Kat Records

You’ve heard of Laser Kat Records, the label that’s focussed on iOS music. Well they’ve just put out a press release on what they’re up to and what to expect from them. Here it is:

Hello friends! 

LKR has made some changes for the better.
We’ve decided, thanks largely to the amazing support and community enthusiasm, to take a brief pause and do some serious organizing. 
We want more than anything to represent ourselves and our artists professionally, and believe these changes will make us more efficient and better reflect our vision.
We are serious about being a label featuring iOS musicians. Our goal is to help blur the lines that have separated iOS Music from other forms of production and reach beyond our comfort zone. Like many of you, we believe in iOS music. The quality of music and artists are second to none. 

To start things off we have assigned roles and positions to become better organized and proficient. 

Jeremy McGil – CEO/Head Of Marketing
Joel Sneddon – Lead A&R
Graeme Fehr – VP/Web Design
Ivan Kuptsov – Social Media Relations
David Israel – Promotions/App Support

Featured LKR Artists releasing solo albums:

  • SmiteMatter
  • Joey Joel
  • dio_do
  • Son Fish

We are still planning to release our LazerKat/iPad Musician Compilation Vols. 2 & 3. Please be patient, this needs to have full attention placed on quality. You can’t rush quality. We want to do everything with our best and most focused effort.

Music submissions are welcome!
Please send 3 of your favorite songs in MP3 -128 bits, for consideration to :LazerKatDemos@gmail.com or send a SoundCloud link directly to the tracks you want us to hear. We will contact any artists we are interested in working with for follow up.

LKR has an interest in working with artists from all musical backgrounds. iOS is a focus, a common interest, and what brought us together. It is not the only form of production we will accept. We do not feel an artist should be held back in any way. Feel free to submit music to us, regardless of the genre or how it was made.

Thank you for all of your amazing support.
Our community is full of some of the most talented musicians in the world, and we look forward to showcasing what’s next to the world.




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100 angels

I thought that this was quite an interesting performance.

“PERFORMANCE 15th anniversary of my own planned Library (Kecskemét/Hungary). Performed on my own built instrument (100 porcelain “angels” by Kinga Ráthonyi and bamboo tubes) + on iPad. I played on pre-recorded samples of porcelain with Thumbjam and SampleWiz (from 7:20). Enjoy. “

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LUME – Lego Synthesizer

Reminds me a lot of molecule synth, but not as many modules. Nice though.