Stria for iPad arrives

Great news, Stria arrives for your iPad. I’ve been looking forward to this as I’m a big fan of the other apps in the series.

Multilevel Interactive Sound Synthesizer
“Stria” is the title of a very important composition by John Chowning and I would like to say that this computer music piece rapresents the manifest of Frequency Modulation technique applied to audio synthesis, invented by Mr. Chowning himself.

  • Up to 240 Frequency Modulation Oscillators or simple Wavetable Additive
  • Five Spectral Pitch Grid Generators (Geometric, Harmonic, Fibonacci, Scalar, Temperated)
  • Event Pitch Jittering
  • Event Envelope
  • Oscilloscope and animated XY Pad
  • Effects chain: Doppler, Chopper, Glitch Gen, Sync Grain, Spectral Arpeggiator, FDN Reverb, Dynamic Compressor/Expander
  • Save unlimited Snapshots number
  • Pad interpolating snapshots
  • MIDI/Network Control Change input
  • Connection Control: Midi, Scrub Y and Accelerometer X/Y
  • Capture Master Audio Output
  • Run Audio in Background
  • Embedded User’s manual
  • Up to 25 built-in snapshots presets
  • Sonoma Audio copy and paste
  • Dropbox supports
  • Audiobus compatible

Stria is priced at $8.99 (£5.99).

Stria - apeSoft

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