MidiBridge gets a great update and we all wonder what Midibus is

You may have noticed some commotion on twitter about ‘Midibus’. It seems to have vanished out of the update information, but it was there!

Anyway, even the site midib.us seems to have gone too, so I’m not sure what it was all about. Anyway, here’s what’s in the update, which is pretty good all on its own.

  • Scenes; save/recall MidiBridge configurations from app or via MIDI message
  • Program Changer; send program change messages (and also automatically on scene change)
  • Stream Byter; user definable transform module; multi zone splits of keyboards, controllers (including overlapping) – essentially map any incoming MIDI message to anything else (except sysex).
  • Note Mapper; factory preset for MPC Fly to BeatMaker 2 pads
  • Bug fixes

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