Chordassist – Chord Progression Assistant for iOS

Whilst I don’t normally post details of regular chord apps I thought that this might be useful as it does have virtual MIDI and I rather like the minimal interface too. Here’s the detail:

Do you have trouble playing chords? Or creating chord progressions? If you’re struggling with chords, then this composition assistant app could be the solution to these problems and more. It’s packed with features, such as a single-finger performance screen, a suggest feature based on a chord progression database, the ability to change voicings of chords and enter user-made chords.

Main Features:

  • Play chords with a single finger on the performance screen.
  • Get suggested next chords based on a database of chord progressions on the suggest screen.
  • Make your own chords on the chord entry screen.
  • Change the voicing of chords on the edit voicing screen.

Included Sound Sources:

  • Grand Piano
  • Electric Piano

Other Features:

  • VirtualMIDI OUT compatibility. The app can be connected to other synth apps or Macs to be used as a virtual keyboard.
  • Created chord progressions can be managed with saving and loading features.
  • Sharp and flat conversion.

Please Note:

  • There is no automatic performance feature.
  • There is no record or play feature.
  • The chord suggest feature is orientated towards popular music. (The current version is major key only.)

The app is priced at $0.99.

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