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ImproVox: Using Audiobus to record direct to Garageband

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Arpeggionome for iPhone (video)

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SunVox has been updated to v1.7.3c, iOS update will be available within a week

Here’s what to expect:

  • additional LFO module waveforms: sin2 (correct sine), saw, saw2;
  • added ability to record into the selected Sampler slot;
  • fixed bug with JACK MIDI input;
  • fixed bug with the Sampler base note calculation;
  • base note for the Vorbis Player is C5.

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Audeonic MidiBridge – Stream Byter – overlapping splits

MidiBridge - Audeonic Apps

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iPad Sequencer (Little MIDI Machine) Driving Vostok Deluxe

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Musical Android on Heat synth beta update

Of the Android synths I’ve tried Heat is one of the best I’ve tried. Musical Android posts on some new features that have just come in.

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Arpeggionome for iPhone arrives for $0.99

Well, it is $0.99 until the 31st of May, but there’s also an iAP for $4.99 if you want MIDI in there. Here’s the app description:

A New Musical Instrument for Controlling Arpeggios with the Touch of a Finger.

Arpeggionome for iPhone transforms your iPhone into a new and expressive musical instrument. Design intricate patterns of musical notes, then trigger those patterns at different pitches and speeds with an x-y matrix. Tilt the iPhone for accelerometer-controlled pitchbend and volume, and with the MIDI Upgrade in-app purchase, control other iOS MIDI apps, external MIDI gear, and computer software like never before.


  • Move up-and-down the matrix to set the pattern’s rate
  • Move left-and-right to set the pattern’s starting-note.


  • Tilt the iPhone forward-and-back to control volume.
  • Tilt the iPhone left-and-right to control pitchbend


  • Fifteen pattern-parameters accessed on one page of touch-knobs
  • Parameters include Key, Scale, Number of Notes, Step Distance, Notes Style, Alignment, Octave Range, Octave Style, Rates, Octave Offset, Note Offset, Velocity, Gate, and Tempo.


  • Includes a Pattern Library with a wide selection of presets.
  • Save and recall your own patterns.
  • 8 pattern-buttons and 2 arrow-buttons provide quick access to the Pattern Library, enabling you to change and save patterns on the fly.


  • $4.99 In-App purchase required
  • Control other iOS MIDI Applications (such as GarageBand, Animoog, Magellan Jr., and FunkBox).
  • Control external MIDI devices (such hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and sound modules).
  • Control computer software (such as Ableton Live, Logic, and Pro Tools)
  • Send MIDI through Virtual MIDI, CoreMIDI hardware interfaces, or over WiFi or Bluetooth.


  • A simple built-in synthesizer.
  • Beautiful and informative visual feedback.
  • Integrated documentation for every parameter and setting.
  • Backup, restore, and transfer patterns between devices via iTunes File Sharing.

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Audanika Harmony Theory blog:

I meant to post this last week, but it’s still very much worth a look. Harmony is about relationships at the Audanika Theory blog.

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MidiBridge gets a great update and we all wonder what Midibus is

You may have noticed some commotion on twitter about ‘Midibus’. It seems to have vanished out of the update information, but it was there!

Anyway, even the site midib.us seems to have gone too, so I’m not sure what it was all about. Anyway, here’s what’s in the update, which is pretty good all on its own.

  • Scenes; save/recall MidiBridge configurations from app or via MIDI message
  • Program Changer; send program change messages (and also automatically on scene change)
  • Stream Byter; user definable transform module; multi zone splits of keyboards, controllers (including overlapping) – essentially map any incoming MIDI message to anything else (except sysex).
  • Note Mapper; factory preset for MPC Fly to BeatMaker 2 pads
  • Bug fixes

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Daft Punk – Tron Legacy End Titles – Korg DS-10+

May have posted this before, but it’s great, so, never mind.