Notion update arrives

Here’s the detail:

  • Enter notes and rests on the staff with your finger or stylus – after engaging the new pencil tool on the palette, notes are entered on the staff when tapping where you want to enter notes.
  • Select accidentals in palette for finger or stylus entry
  • Select notes and other score objects for dragging or editing by using your finger or stylus
  • Transposing, Concert Tuning or Concert Pitch
  • New Select features – double tap a measure to bring up new options (such as Select All, Select Part)
  • Transpose, double tap a measure, make your selection, and press Transpose. Notion will transpose notes, chord symbols and diagrams and optionally, key signatures.
  • Fill score with rests feature – double tap a measure, select a region or whole score, and tap ‘Fill with Rests’ to complete your score for printing or sharing.
  • Eraser tool now erases the contents of the current selection, instead of bringing up the eraser cursor
  • Specify the part abbreviation separately to the part name
  • Bug fixes

Notion - NOTION Music, Inc.

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