Yamaha’s Mobile Music Sequencer got Audiobus, universal support and more …

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0:

  • iPhone and iPod touch support
  • Audiobus support (input only)
  • Support for iCloud uploads of user songs and user phrases
    • You can access a user song on another device using the same Apple ID. User phrases are automatically uploaded.
    • You can continue working on a song created on the iPhone, by editing on an iPad.
    • You first need to enable “”Documents & Data”” in the iCloud settings for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Support for inversions and syncopation in Section Edit (including settings for 8th notes, 16th notes, and triplets), and Chord Shift function
  • Two loop remix functions can now be set for one phrase
  • Support for reordering, inserting, and deleting sections
  • Support for changing the ordering of parts
  • Tempo Delay L and R added to the effect variations
  • In the Piano Roll display, support for selecting Velocity, Pitch Bend, and Control Change data, and Copy, Paste, Cut, and Delete operations
  • Improved resolution for the pitch bend function
  • Added Sync function to Mixdown (start recording triggered by playback start)
  • Added file export support for MX49/MX61 devices
  • Plus other features and improved functionality

* To ensure the smooth operation, iPhone 4S or higher or iPod Touch 5th Generation or higher is recommended.

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