What’s coming in the next version of Notion

Here’s what’s coming up in the next version of Notion:

Here are a few of the main new features in the next Notion iPad update. It has been sent to Apple, waiting for it to be approved for release, hopefully within a week or two.

  • Enter notes and rests on the staff with your finger or stylus – after engaging the new pencil tool on the palette, notes are entered on the staff when tapping where you want to enter notes. So you can tap notes in, or press and hold to drag pitches up and down. To enter notes for transposing instruments, you can optionally switch the setting (see more below).
  • New accidentals in palette for use with finger or stylus entry – Choose an accidental before tapping on the staff to enter a note
  • Select notes and other score objects for dragging or editing by using your finger or stylus
  • Switch the Print or iPad views between transposing, concert tuning or concert pitch (Concert tuning shows a score in C, but retains octave transposing instruments such as double bass, piccolo, guitar, glockenspiel. Concert pitch shows them at their actual sounding octave)
  • New Select features – double tap a measure to bring up new options (such as Select All, Select Part)
  • New Transpose feature – double tap a measure, make your selection, and press Transpose. Notion will transpose notes, chord symbols and diagrams and optionally, key signatures.
  • Fill score with rests feature – double tap a measure, select a region or whole score, and tap ‘Fill with Rests’ to complete your score for printing or sharing.
  • Eraser tool now erases the contents of the current selection, instead of bringing up the eraser cursor
  • Specify the part abbreviation separately to the part name – Select ‘Score Setup’ then the blue options arrow to the right of each listed instrument.
  • and of course bug fixes

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