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New iMaschine Expansion pack: KAOZ THEORY

Here’s the detail from NI’s press release:

Native Instruments today launched a new range of iMASCHINE Expansions with the release of KAOZ THEORY – created by the much-lauded DJ and producer Kerri ‘Kaoz’ Chandler. These new iMASCHINE Expansions will be created in collaboration with internationally renowned artists from different genres, and will be available for iMASCHINE only. Users can however export their iMaschine projects to the MASCHINE software for further editing and arranging. Native Instruments will continue to release compact iMASCHINE versions of their acclaimed iMASCHINE Expansions.

“iMaschine is my favourite app to use on the road”, comments Kerri Chandler. “If something comes to mind for a track it’s an instant fix wherever I am. When I’m in hotels I swap my ideas to MASCHINE MIKRO and back again and when I finally get home to mix in my studio on my own mixing desk, I can swap it all to MASCHINE and it’s a piece of cake. Honestly, I’ve written tracks with iMaschine right off the bat. In fact airplanes are my favourite place for iMaschine so I’m now working on an EP called ‘Mile High Club’ because of it. On top of all of this, it’s an exciting live tool to work with, particularly when I’m DJing, so it’s something I’m really passionate about.”

KAOZ THEORY brings the unmistakable sound of Kerri Chandler to iMASCHINE – the deep, grooving house style that has made him one of the most respected artists on the underground scene for over 20 years. The Expansion contains a total of six kits, two instruments and two full projects. The three Drum Kits are made up of gritty, analog kicks, snares, hats, and claps. A Melodic Kit provides the trademark Chandler synth chords while two Special Kits deliver basses, vocal samples, synth stabs and keys. iMASCHINE users can also access two instruments and two full iMASCHINE projects created by Chandler himself. All the samples are provided in uncompressed WAV format (16-bit 44.1kHz) and have been processed and tweaked for immediate use.

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Jam Player – Time and Pitch Audio Player is on the bus

From the makers of JamUp XT, Jam Player is now on the bus. Here’s what’s in the new version:

  • Added Audiobus support, now you can change the pitch or speed of your music, and work with GarageBand, JamUp XT and many other music apps.
  • Improved knob control detection, automatic detection of vertical or rotary knob gesture.

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A Taste of Algorithm (video)

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Into The Mixtik (video)

Video description:

An improvisation for violin, looper and algorithmic composer, Mixtikl. Thanks to Doug, Rebecca, Tim and Pete who provided the tools.

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Sonic Zoom for iPad arrives (and it’s free)

From the maker of the The Wablet comes a new app:

Sonic Zoom is a PhD research project from Queen Mary University. The app aims to look at how people interact with music synthesisers: how they adjust parameters and explore the vast range of sounds on offer.

There are two interfaces presented. The first is fairly standard: ten sliders that control each parameter. The second is more novel: a two-dimensional surface that can be scrolled and zoomed similar to a map. Every sound that can be made with the synth is located somewhere on this surface. If you find a sound you like, you can zoom in on it to explore smaller variations. You can save a sound and this will drop a marker on the surface. These markers are easy to revisit and can be smoothly interpolated between. Your path through the sound space is visible, so you can retrace your steps.

The first 15 minutes is a timed experiment. Users will then be asked to complete a quick questionnaire. After this you are free to use the app, and a few extra features will be unlocked as a reward.

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Yamaha’s Mobile Music Sequencer got Audiobus, universal support and more …

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0:

  • iPhone and iPod touch support
  • Audiobus support (input only)
  • Support for iCloud uploads of user songs and user phrases
    • You can access a user song on another device using the same Apple ID. User phrases are automatically uploaded.
    • You can continue working on a song created on the iPhone, by editing on an iPad.
    • You first need to enable “”Documents & Data”” in the iCloud settings for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Support for inversions and syncopation in Section Edit (including settings for 8th notes, 16th notes, and triplets), and Chord Shift function
  • Two loop remix functions can now be set for one phrase
  • Support for reordering, inserting, and deleting sections
  • Support for changing the ordering of parts
  • Tempo Delay L and R added to the effect variations
  • In the Piano Roll display, support for selecting Velocity, Pitch Bend, and Control Change data, and Copy, Paste, Cut, and Delete operations
  • Improved resolution for the pitch bend function
  • Added Sync function to Mixdown (start recording triggered by playback start)
  • Added file export support for MX49/MX61 devices
  • Plus other features and improved functionality

* To ensure the smooth operation, iPhone 4S or higher or iPod Touch 5th Generation or higher is recommended.

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Traktor DJ for iPhone Talkthrough

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Traktor DJ for iPhone hands-on

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Technical Guitar Lick EX-100 (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

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MIDI Designer Pro is completely awesome

I just had to say that as it is. I’m amazed to see the level of complexity that’s available in this little app. MIDI Designer Pro just opens up as you want to get more out of it and really is a must have app for anyone who wants to create their own controller on the go.

In fact, I’d love to see this kind of functionality in Audiobus.

MIDI Designer Pro - Confusionists LLC