Lemur 4.0.3 update


  • Display Lemur IP in Settings page
  • Auto-save disabled to prevent accidental template modifications
  • Multilabel font sizes (Lemur Editor)
  • Better jzlib management with sub-folders (Lemur Editor)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed long SysEx messages transmitted over MIDI hardware
  • Fixed issue with z-variables not always being released
  • Fixed knob rendering issue causing a jump to 1.0 when remote controlled
  • Fixed knob rendering in endless mode with visible label
  • current_interface now always returns correct information
  • Mackie Control SysEx init string (240 0 0 102) is no longer blocked in On MIDI scripts
  • Renamed HSB to HSV to maintain consistency with Lemur Editor
  • Editor: getobject() now listed in internal functions
  • Editor: Fixed disappearing syntax coloring issue
  • Editor: Fixed disappearing cursor in page name input fields

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