DJ Player 6.0 is a huge update

Here’s what’s new:

New user interface and workflows

  • Most important performance controls are always visible for two decks.
  • Portrait mode.
  • Shift button secondary features everywhere.
  • Pitch bend, fine pitch adjust, frame-precise step and backspin directly on the waveform.
  • Two panes per deck: tempo and cue/loop points.
  • One tap to display mixer + effects.
  • Rarely used controls under More.
  • Four deck mode on the iPad: available from the iPad 2 without any limitation in features, smoothness, stability or audio quality.
  • Four deck mode on the latest iPhones/iPod touch generation.

Quantize and sync

  • Both styles available: quantize+sync or classic beat-matching. Switch them per deck, or set defaults in the Settings app.
  • Greatly improved and made for “Traktor”-style DJing. Enabled by default.
  • Auto master sync: the master deck is automatically set according to the mixer controls. The status bar (top) background color shows the current master deck. Double-tap on Sync to adjust manually.
  • Tempo pane is divided between both styles. Very easy live grid adjustment controls.
  • Beatgrids are stored in the database (if you remove a track, it will not be lost).

Cues and loops

  • A slot is a cue point or loop now, not both.
  • Loops automatically enter looping mode.
  • Press Cue to exit a loop.
  • In and Out points live editable. Hold shift to snap/unsnap to beat.
  • Shift + empty slot for instant 4-beats loops.
  • “Performance looping” is moved to the Roll effect.
  • Trap loop: if the 8th slot is a loop, then it becomes a “trap”. When the track reaches the 8th loop’s beginning, it automatically goes to looping mode and never ends.


  • Auto-pfl with unique switching characteristics for headphone mixing without monitor speakers.
  • Crossfader settings moved under More, because they become “performance” tools.
  • Constant-power curve improved and renamed to Smooth Mix.
  • Cross-bass: adjusts bass EQs automatically with crossfader. Curve depends on the current crossfader-curve, optimized for different genres (Beatmix for hip-hop/funky, Smooth Mix for house).


  • Roll effect.
  • Five simultaneous effects per deck: time (roll) + filter + color (flanger/lofi) + space (echo/reverb) + low/highpass.
  • Tap with a second finger on the effect field to turn it on permanently.
  • MIDI
  • New default mappings for the Numark N4/Mixtrack Pro/iDJ Live, iON iDJ2GO, Vestax VCI-400/Spin 2.
  • Four decks mapped where available, including proper deck switching.
  • Replace existing mappings to the new ones: remove the existing mapping files in iTunes File Sharing, then relaunch DJ Player.
  • Experimental plug-and-play support for Reloop Terminal Mix 2.

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