Intermorphic brings Noatikl 2.2.7 (for Mac)

I mention this because of the impending Noatikl for iOS, which I’m really looking forward to. Here’s what’s new in Noatikl 2.2.7:

Key changes are related to Template previewing and allowing you to drag voices around in the Network Editor so as to better organise your pieces.

  • Template Previewing with improved merging into piece:
    • File-& New: Modified to use Cancel / New / Merge (show merge only if not wavetable);
    • Tap to preview the template (you can now hear it before you use it!)
    • Press New/Merge button to complete the operation
    • Merge is disabled if the template uses a custom wavetable
    • Removed Noatikl: Edit -& Add Template, Edit -& Add From File
  • Improved Network view:
    • Improved the layout – much cleaner, only show active midi/synth/effect channels
    • Inactive channels are revealed when you drag cable from any Voice…
    • Added operation: drag-around voices to re-order them
    • Removed operation: drag from MIDI cell to Voice cell (instead, just drag a voice to a MIDI cell)
  • File -& Merge:
    • Available to you if you already have a file open, and want to merge in another noatikl or partikl file
  • Fixes issue where Noatikl sometimes doubled-up Note Off events

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