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iOS Update – Vol 40, Apogee Quartet Audio Interface and "Free Guitar Videos" App


Fingertip Maestro IPAD Music App Trailer – COMING SUMMER 2013

Fingertip Maestro is a mobile app designed to make playing the piano and other instruments easy and intuitive. It gives people with no musical knowledge or training, the ability to play convincingly and dynamically, creating music with the feeling and texture of an experienced musician.

Via Discchord.


Polychord featured on TUAW

Great to see Polychord get featured on a mainstream site like TUAW. Nice to know that mobile music is increasingly getting into the mainstream.


CMP Grand Piano update

CMP Grand gets an update to work with the latest version of JACK:

  • Support for new “JACK Audio Connection Kit” features: App can now be started & stopped directly from the JACK control app, and screen can be switched quickly between the JACK control app and the CMP Grand Piano app.


Spectral Eye on the bus

Here’s what’s new:

Introducing support for Audiobus, and a new Theremin sound generator. Spectral Eye can be placed in the input slot of Audiobus. A new pro version of the app is also available, which can be placed in any Audiobus slot. The pro version also has support for MIDI.


ALCHEMY MOBILE.The Big Sound Test for iPad (video) from thesoundtestroom


JACK Audio Connection Kit updated

What’s New in Version

  • Support for starting & stopping JACK apps directly from the JACK control app.
  • Support for fast switching the screen between the JACK control app and JACK client apps.
  • Support for all iPad screen orientations & rotations.
  • Fixed CoreAudio re-routing to device’s internal audio speaker & enforce a minimum of 2 audio inputs and 2 audio outputs.
  • Graphical improvements.
  • SDK: Fixed crash that could happen on client creation.


Aphonium (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

Good to see this app again, haven’t seen it get used in a long time.


Blue Mikey Digital – DJ setup (video) from DJ Hombre

“Quick demo to show you can use the line input to record a DJ set via standard camera app all on an iPhone!

I should have put the phone on airplane mode, but forgot. As always, I play loose so less concerned with precision mixes and more with tracks I like.”