A new app being "thrown together" by J.Liljedahl/Kymatica?

Doesn’t look too bad for something being “thrown together”.


Yellofier still free for now

Yellofier is still free for now, but not for too much longer, so if you’ve missed it so far go get it now.


Amidio: Hexatone 2 coming soon, still working on their DAW


OMGuitar 2, submitted to Apple, with new Remote app update to support both Futulele & OMGuitar!


Discchord: Update on iConnectMIDI release dates.

Discchord gives a clearer view on when to expect the iConnectMIDI devices to become available.


Get Free Preset Packs for JamUp


Sonoma’s GuitarTone gets on the bus

This is great news for a lot of reasons. Firstly it’s great to have another excellent app on the bus. Secondly, it’s great to see Sonoma heading down the Audiobus route. I really hope we see them add the bus to FourTrack and StudioTrack soon.

Anyway, here’s what’s in the new release of GuitarTone:

  • Audiobus added, GuitarJack Model 2 24-bit firmware update and bug fixes.
  • Audiobus Input and Filter support now included: Record your guitar with the great sounds of GuitarTone in Audiobus enabled apps, like GarageBand, or filter the output of another app, like NLogSynth, before recording it.
  • GuitarJack Model 2 24-bit firmware update: Update firmware on your GuitarJack Model 2 iOS I/O interface to get full 24-bit recording and playback using apps that support those features. Also, with this firmware update, input level controls in GarageBand and Multitrack DAW now work with GuitarJack Model 2. See sonomawireworks.com for instructions on how to update your firmware.
  • GuitarTone sounds best with Sonoma’s GuitarJack Model 2 audio I/O interface with 1/4 inch input, 1/8″ stereo input, an 1/8″ stereo headphone/line out with increased drive, 24-bit AD/DA converters, impeccable sound and no discernible noise. Perfect for studio quality audio on-the-go!