MeeBlip micro Black, the micro evolves and will be with us in late May!

Having already got the MeeBlip SE I think that the micro is going to be an essential next step for me. The micro Black has some awesome new features:

  • A compact, surface-mount design. Keeping micro little is a big goal. We’ve added features without expanding the footprint. As you can see in the image, that has meant squeezing a lot onto the board.
  • A USB port. MeeBlip micro still has standard DIN MIDI connections, but it adds USB. That means:
  • MIDI over USB. You can now connect to a computer without the need for a separate interface. (Class-compliant support means the iPad works, too, via a Camera Connection Kit.)
  • Easier programmability, over USB. The USB port also works for modifying MeeBlip micro’s firmware, so you can hack your micro or use firmware updates from us and other users – no more need for an additional hardware adapter.
  • Knobbier than ever. 16:1 multiplexing now lets you add more knobs – you can have one for each parameter and still have knobs left over. We have direct switch inputs, too.
  • No more lost patches. A snapshot save button writes the current patch to memory so that it’s saved when you turn off MeeBlip. You can change the default MIDI receive channel with that button, too.

There’s more info on Personally, I can’t wait!

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