Something new coming from FingerLab?

Makers of the awesome DM1 and Rockmate have something new coming according to this picture.


Audiobus 2 WERKBENCH Rhythm Sampler App for iOS – Demo and Review, featuring DM-1


miniSynth 2 is free again!

miniSynth 2 is free again, get it while it is!


PPG Minimapper Demo and Review on iPad


In case you missed it from earlier, PPG MiniMapper has arrived

You might have missed this from earlier, PPG MiniMapper is here, and it’s only $3.99 ! Details …


PPG MiniMapper is the latest development from the inventor of wavetable synthesis, Wolfgang Palm. It is a next generation synthesizer, building on the heritage of the PPG Wave keyboards. PPG MiniMapper is an easy to use performance synthesizer with a wide range of sounds for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Compatibility And Hardware Requirements:
iPhone 4, 4S or iPod Touch 4 minimum, iPad users can run it as an iPhone App.

PPG MiniMapper comes with 10 pages:

  • Sound Map – Manual Mode
  • Sound Map – Accelerator Mode
  • Sound Map – Magic Mode
  • Arptor – Start/Stop/Record, Range, Up/Down/Random
  • Audio Recorder / Keyboard Editor
  • Modifiers Page – two X/Y controller with selectable routing
  • System Setup – Number of Voices, Sample Rate, other constants
  • MIDI Setup – In / Out and controller
  • Preset Browser –
  • Bank Manager – copy presets between banks

Key Features:

  • New Sound map concept – create new sounds playful and experimental
  • Map Recorder generates new programs on the fly
  • Features the same audio engine that powers the highly popular PPG WaveMapper
  • Arptor – a flexible Step Sequencer / Arpeggiator combination
  • Schematic touch keyboard – zoom and scrollable
  • Build your own keyboard, with the keys you prefer for your music.
  • Powerful sound browser – sorting by category, bank management
  • Virtual and Hard-MIDI in/out – sending/receiving keys and polypressure
  • Sending/receiving the Icon positions and X/Y performers
  • Audiobus support
  • 10 min Audio recorder and Audio Copy
  • Context specific help for all pages
  • Easy data exchange between MiniMapper and WaveMapper

MiniMapper - Wolfgang Palm


Reminder: 1 week until Music Tech Pitch 4.5

A quick reminder that Music Tech Pitch 4.5 is on the 23rd and there are some great start ups pitching. I think that there are some tickets left, so if you were planning on going and haven’t got a ticket, get one now.


SampleTank & Audiobus Tutorial – How to connect your apps with Audiobus and SampleTank