Echo Pad, it’s a big update

A big update for Echo Pad. Here’s what’s new:

  • New re-designed, simpler UI
  • New Motion Looper! Record your effect parameter movements and loop them in realtime like an audio looper.
  • Trigger Motion Loop from the Audiobus sidepanel.


  • Main Looper now automatically renders loops to wav file in the background, automatically ready for Export to AudioShare and AudioCopy/Paste.
  • new Utility menu includes functions “Reset Current Session” and “Delete all wav files”
  • “Reset Current Session” resets all parameters to default.
  • “Delete All Wav Files” function clears all recordings and loops from Echo Pad’s iTunes File Sharing folder, freeing up precious space on 16gb devices.


  • fixed a bug causing crackles in audio when panning quickly from left to right
  • fixed a bug causing audio pasted into scratch looper 1 to be looped incorrectly

Echo Pad - Holderness Media Inc

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