Absolutely huge Sunvox update 1.7.3 arrives including Audiobus and Jack

This is massive! Here’s what’s new:

  • iOS: added Virtual MIDI Port;
  • iOS: support of Audiobus;
  • iOS: support of 4-Inch display;
  • support of JACK Audio Connection Kit (for iOS and Linux);
  • improved Compressor algorithm;
  • default base note for WAV/AIFF samples is C5;
  • SunVox file is now includes additional information: timeline cursor position, current module, current pattern;
  • sound engine optimization;
  • new ASIO driver options;
  • Input Module (Mic/Line-in capture) is now also available for Linux (ALSA), Windows (MME,DirectSound,ASIO), Windows Mobile (with full duplex drivers only) and OSX;
  • •extended list of the audio buffer sizes in the Preferences & Audio: 128, 256, 512, 768, 1024, 1280, 1536, 1792, 2048, 2560, 3072, 4096;
  • new options in the Preferences-&Audio: Driver, Output Device, Input Device, Frequency;
  • new option in the Preferences & Interface: Window Parameters (width, height, fullscreen mode); fullscreen mode is only compatible with Windows and Linux;
  • added options for the MultiSynth: Use static note C5 (treat all received notes as C5); Ignore notes with zero velocity;
  • new Pattern Editor function – Slice by cursor;
  • added MIDI import; now you can load any MIDI files directly through the Load Song dialog;
  • added support of the following MIDI commands: Start, Continue, Stop;
  • number of MetaModule User Defined Controllers can be changed from 0 to 13;
  • added MIDI Omni Mode (all MIDI channels will be accepted);
  • new option in the Preferences & Interface: Show virtual keyboard; use it to show or hide virtual qwerty keyboard;
  • scrolling when highlighting in the Sample Editor;
  • per-pattern Mute/Solo (Timeline menu & Toggle mute / Toggle solo);
  • Vorbis Player is now supports the sample offset commands (09 and 07);
  • added ability to create a new pattern by double clicking on an empty area of the Timeline;
  • new Timeline function – Slice Pattern(s) (knife position = current playing position);
  • new std. pattern effect 23 – set controller value to the random number with range from XX (00..FF) to YY (00..FF);
  • new std. pattern effect 1F – set BPM;
  • new songs: Manwe – Early Fall remake (original by Tangrine), kostya_m – Midnight, take_my_hand, follow_the_sun;
  • new simple examples: metamodule_test, metamodule_with_automation, random_ctl_values_with_range, trance, compressor2;
  • new instrument (pads): moving_pad, vocal_synth, filter_slide_up, analog, analog2, analog3, analog_distorted, space, violin, violin2, violin3, violin4;
  • new instrument (keyboard): analog10, fm2, bell2;
  • tons of bugs fixed.

That is amazing!

SunVox - Alexander Zolotov

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